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Honkers Oral Sex Corner

Hong Kong street

Hong Kong has slowly changed some of its street names into less-offensive names. Picture: MARK KOLBE/ GETTY IMAGES Source: Getty Images

HONG Kong was littered with bizarre and rude place names, thanks to pranks played on the British by locals.

HONG Kong was once littered with bizarre and crude place names such as Vaginal Discharge Bay (Hai Si Wan) and Ham Lun Kok (Oral Sex Corner) because of jokes played on the British Royal Navy.

When the Brits first sailed into the region during the mid 19th century and began mapping its landmarks, surveyors turned to the locals for advice.

But the natives reportedly bent the truth by giving them offensive Chinese names such as Foreign Devils Sex Organ (Fan Kwai Chau) and Ngau Shi Wan (Cow Shit Bay).

The colonial government's Geographical Place Names Board eventually set out to wipe the vulgarity from the map in the early 1990s.

Foreign Devils Sex Organ became Pyramid Rock, while Oral Sex Corner became Swimming Dragon Cape (Yau Lung Kok).

Other examples include Gau Tau (Penis Head Rock), Fong Pin Sho (Toilet Place), Ngau Shi Wu (Cow Shit Lake) and Kau Shi Wai (Dog Shit Farm), some of which still exist today.

Sometimes it works the other way around - Man Fuk Road in Ho Man Tin and Wan King Path in Sai King may raise eyebrows among Anglophone residents.

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